[DM1100] ExcelBand™ 50 bp DNA Ladder, 500 μl

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The DM1100 ExcelBand™ 50 bp DNA Ladder is a ready-to-use DNA ladder, which is pre-mixed with loading dye for direct gel loading. The DNA ladder DM1100 is composed of 17 individual DNA fragments: 1.5k, 1.2k, 1k, 900, 800, 700, 600, 500, 450, 400, 350, 300, 250, 200, 150, 100, and 50 bp derived from a mixture of PCR products and specifically digested plasmid DNA. This product contains two enhanced bands (500 bp and 200 bp) for easier reference. In addition, the low range Orange G tracking dye mimics the migration of a 50 bp dsDNA during electrophoresis is also added for real time monitoring.


  • Sharp bands

  • Quick reference enhanced bands 

  • Ready-to-use— premixed with loading dye for direct loading

  • Stable— room temperature storage over 6 months


Phenol extracted PCR products and dsDNA digested with specific restriction enzymes, equilibrated in 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0) and 10 mM EDTA.


50 ~ 1,500 bp 


54 µg/ 500 µl  

Recommended loading volume 

5 µl/ well


Room temperature for 6 months
4°C for 12 months 
-20°C for 36 months 


Cat. No.


Series Name


Product Size

500 μl

Size Range

50 – 1500 bp

Band Number


Tracking Dye

Orange G

Enhanced Band

200 and 500 bp

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Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

FluoroVue™ Nucleic Acid Gel Stain

  • Excellent for in-gel staining

  • Sensitivity up to 0.14 ng DNA or 1 ng total RNA

  • A safer alternative to EtBr 

  • Suitable to blue or UV light 

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

FluoroStain™ DNA Fluorescent Staining Dye

  • Excellent for post staining

  • Sensitivity up to 0.04 ng DNA

  • A safe alternative to EtBr

  • Suitable for blue or UV light

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

FluoroDye™ DNA Fluorescent Loading Dye

  • Excellent for premix with DNA sample 

  • Sensitivity up to 0.14 ng DNA

  • Safety dye

  • Convenience - monitor the electrophoresis in real-time