Fluorescent Dye Related Questions

This is because EtBr or the dye component of NS1000 keep moving toward the cathode in a direction opposite to the DNA migration. Therefore after electrophoresis the concentration of NS1000 or EtBr is very low near the anode end (the bottom) of the agarose gel, and some bands close to the bottom will be very weak in signal or even undetectable. It is recommend to reduce the electrophoresis time or use post staining method to improve the intensity of small fragments of DNA. 

Occasionally, some precipitate will be observed in NS1000 due to high concentration of dye ingredient.

If slight precipitate exists in NS1000, we suggest incubating the NS1000 at 37 ℃ for one hour until the precipitate is fully dissolved.

The sensitivity of NS1000 still keeps good after the precipitate is dissolved.